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Terms of Business - Intensive Driver Training

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The terms of business are deemed to have been accepted by the submission of a booking form or by making a verbal booking or by payment of a booking deposit or payment in full for a driving course.
Payment for courses must me made in full prior to the start of training. Cancellation of a booking within a 7 day cooling off period following the booking being made will entitle the student to a refund of any booking deposit made provided training has not commenced.

Trainees must be prepared to accept the guidance of their Instructor, particularly with regard to safety and any relevant legislation and to comply at all times with the requirements of the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Acts. The Trainee certifies that they are a holder of a valid provisional licence (car) in their name and that they are medically fit to drive.

Your Instructor cannot be responsible for tests postponed by the DVSA for reasons such as bad weather, examiner availability or safety, or for training postponed as the result of illness, or for mechanical breakdown or availability of tuition vehicle. We will endeavour to arrange a mutually convenient alternate appointment.

The decision to apply for a Theory or Practical Driving test rests ultimately with the Pupil. Pupils should take note of the Instructor's advice and assessment before applying for tests.
Trainees must agree any test date with the Instructor.

The Instructor's car will only be made available for test if there are no other prior appointment commitments on the part of the Instructor, and if the Pupil is deemed to have reached test standard. Use of the car may be withdrawn without notice for safety reasons at the instructor's discretion regardless of any appointment committed previously. The pupil should ensure that any necessary documentation is available, where required, when arriving for a test e.g. licence, appointment letter, theory certificate. Safety will always be an major consideration in proceeding for a driving test appointment.

Test fees included in course pricing applies to standard tests. An extended test will be subject to the DVSA additional cost

Driving Test performance
As with all test situations, although appropriate guidance is given, the outcome of a driving test is not guaranteed with the agreement to provide tuition.
The test result is dependant purely upon the candidate's performance on the specific test and rests solely with the DVSA examiner.

Intensive / Fast Track Course Bookings
As courses are booked well in advance and other applications then rejected for those dates, the booking fee is non refundable. Course fee balance must be paid no later than 1 week before start of sessions. Once a course has started we are generally unable to alter the agreed course schedule due to the volume of courses we undertake. Late or uncleared payments may result in suspension or termination of training. The contractual obligation to make full payment remains in force.

10 Hour Test Failure Correction
This is suitable only to those who are fully trained and have had a recent test failure. It is designed only to correct the failure area and is not a full training programme

Driving courses are booked many weeks in advance and we naturally reject enquiries for similar confirmed dates. Once the schedule is agreed we can only consider changes if we have a suitable space in the booking schedule. Cancellations would mean a loss of business to the instructor and refunds are not available. When both parties agree the booking, any cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to course dates will result in a cancellation charge to cover losses to the instructor. Course fees paid and time allocated cannot be refunded or altered due to the student being unable to undertake training as agreed on a particular date. In the event of a cancellation or failure to complete the course on the part of the student, the driving school will attempt to recover test fees where possible and this will be refunded together with any costs (such as fuel) not incurred by virtue of the training not proceeding.

Training Vehicle
The instructor may require to substitute the training vehicle if this should be unavailable due to mechanical issues. Every effort will be made to replace with a similar vehicle. Choice of vehicle is not the essence of the contract to provide training.

Our Free 2nd Test Fee
This applies if a student is unsuccessful at the driving test following a 40 or 48 hour intensive course. One further test fee will be paid by us as detailed on this website. Some additional practice / training may be needed and will be charged at our standard hourly rate. The course recommended at an assessment or following discussions with our instructor must be taken to qualify for our free test and the provision of a second test attempt only applies if any recommendation is followed and the student selects a course in line with the general recommendations on this site and they give an honest and accurate indication of previous experience on the booking form. Students must fully complete the scheduled course to be eligible for the free 2nd test.

Student Performance
Course content and duration is derived from DVSA guidelines and also based upon our experience with many successful students.

As all students are individuals, there may occasionally be a situation where the student does not reach test standard within the time constraints of a particular course although such courses do typically provide suitable training for the vast majority of students. In this event, the student must take the advice offered by the instructor as to how best to proceed. This may be postponing test, additional training at the students expense, or other suggested actions. Any such likelihood will be indicated by the instructor at the earliest opportunity. Fees already paid cannot be refunded after the start of the course. Safety will always be a prime consideration. If the instructor's opinion is that a student has not reached a suitable standard, they will not be presented for test. No refunds can be made.

In selecting and booking a course, students must give an honest and realistic assessment of any existing driving experience in accordance with the general suuitability given in our courses summary on the selection page of this site. Over estimation of ability or skill level may lead to incorrect selection. Please read guidance carefully and seek advice if unsure in any way. It may not be possible to provide additional training as part of the booked schedule of training once a course has started. Incorrect course selection may lead to a student being not fully prepared for test and possible withdrawal from the agreed test by the instructor on for reasons of safety.

Fitness to Drive
Fitness To Drive: Applicants must declare any existing condition which might impact upon their ability to drive or undertake training (e.g. Dyslexia), or any medical condition defined as advisable by DVLA or DVSA. You must not drive if you are taking any medication which might impair your ability, concentration or judgement: consult your doctor. You must be able to read a standard number plate at 20 metres, with glasses if required. You accept these conditions by submitting your booking form. You must comply with conditions laid down by DVSA and DVLA and not attempt to drive under the influence of alcohol or any drugs or prescribed medication which may impair your ability. If in doubt please consult your doctor and ask us before booking. Students must advise the instructor if any conditions change during training. Failure to advise us of the above circumstances which may subsequently be discovered will lead to the suspension of training on grounds of safety and legal compliance and will result in non-refund if any training fees paid

Unforeseen Circumstances
Safety is always a principal consideration. The instructor reserves the right to alter schedules if influenced by adverse weather* or other safety related factors. In such circumstances the times concerned will be rebooked at mutual convenience as part of the contract undertaken.

Illness or inability to continue - If the student becomes ill or is unable to continue with training for whatever reason once a course has started, rescheduling may be agreed only if the instructor can accommodate such changes within the forward training schedule and without loss. Termination of a course once started will not entitle the student to a refund except for the DVSA test fee (if in accord with DVSA terms of cancellation) or an element for the estimated cost saving of fuel unused by the instructor. In exceptional circumstances, if the instructor agrees to defer any training, this will not imply any refund and training must me resumed by mutual agreement within 3 months of the original schedule.

*Adverse Weather Conditions - Should conditions such as snow or ice covered roads occur, it may be necessary to suspend training or use of training car in the interest of safety. In these circumstances it will be necessary to reschedule remaining training or test at a mutually convenient time. There will be no refund of fees in these circumstances as alternate training times will be offered.

(Contact us for advice prior to booking if you are unsure about your intensive driving course selection or any other issues relating to a course. By submitting your booking form and agreeing training dates you are entering a contract with Intensive Driver Training and your instructor)

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