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Book Your Intensive Driving Course Lessons Bristol, Bath

You can reserve your training dates before you pass the theory provided you plan far enough ahead to allow time for this to be taken and passed. Please call us if you need advice.
When we receive your application we will check on test and course availability and get back to you by email to confirm the suggested date for your course and driving test. We will then ask you for a minimum booking deposit of £150.00

Fitness To Drive: Applicants must declare any existing condition which might impact upon their ability to drive or undertake training (e.g. Dyslexia), or any medical condition defined as advisable by DVLA or DVSA. You must not drive if you are taking any medication which might impair your ability, concentration or judgement: consult your doctor. You must be able to read a standard number plate at 20 metres, with glasses if required. You accept these conditions by submitting your booking form.
Your provisional driving licence must be produced at the start of your course and at your practical driving test

(Contact us for advice if you are unsure about your intensive driving course selection)

ALL COURSE PRICES INCLUDE STANDARD DRIVING TEST FEES, Free 2nd test (if required) with 40 and 48 hour courses
Please read our terms of business

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