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Intensive Driving (Crash) Courses Bristol, Bath Areas

Book your Intensive Driving (Fast Track) Course Bristol, Bath in 4 easy steps:-

1.  Use the menu links above to check out and select your ideal intensive driving course

2.  Complete the Intensive Driving Course online booking form

3. Your instructor will contact you to confirm dates and times for your intensive driving course in Bristol or Bath

4.  Pay your deposit and your Intensive Driving Course is confirmed

(Contact us for advice if you are unsure about intensive driving courses selection in Bristol and Bath)


We have specialised in Intensive Driving Courses, lessons in Bristol, Bath and surrounding villages since 2001

Intensive Driving Course Tests at all 3 Bristol Test Centres or Chippenham

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Bristol Intensive Driving Course Formats

Intensive Driving Courses Bristol, Bath available in 20, 30, 40, & 48 hour formats. Driving courses can be modified to your needs; pass in 5 days if you have previous driving experience


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Intensive Course Pricing, Bristol

All our Intensive Driving Course Prices for Bristol, Bath INCLUDE your practical driving test fee and a second test fee if you should require it (almost 80% of students don't need it!).


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Driving Course Study Notes

Study notes are supplied for your intensive driving course. Re-cap at home on topics like roundabouts, right turns,T-junctions and basic car control


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The Cars

Take your Intensive Driving Lessons in dual control Ford Fiesta Titanium, MANUAL GEARS, and have FREE use of your training car for your driving test


Intensive Driver Training - Bristol, Bath

Intensive Driver Training is a training organisation in the Bristol, Bath area established in 2001. Intensive Driving Courses (Crash Courses) and Intensive Driving Lessons are provided throughout Bristol, Bath and surrounding villages.

We specialise in offering intensive driving courses / fast track driving courses / crash driving courses throughout Bristol and Bath and you will receive training from an instructor with many years experience of delivering intensive driving course training formats.

Your Instructor will have a "Grade A" assessment from DVSA (the government dept responsible for administration and quality of driving tests, examiners, and instructors. Each instructor is periodically subject to an independent Standards Check to ensure the appropriate level of instruction is maintained.

Intensive Driving Lessons in Bristol and Bath Areas
Learning to drive in Bristol and Bath is a high priority task for most young people and can be achieved in a variety of ways.
Traditionally, driving lessons have been booked by the hour with perhaps one or two sessions per week. Typically learning by this method might take around 55 or so hours of tuition with a professional driving instructor and often supplemented by going out with a family member. Consequently this process would be spread over a number of months.
Many learners are now turning to an Intensive Driving Course to enable them to complete this process and pass the driving test in a couple of weeks. Pass rates are often substantially higher with Intensive Driving Courses

Some Recent Student Questions

Can I book my intensive driving course in Bristol before passing my theory? - Yes indeed, provided sufficient time is allowed to pass the theory test. We can reserve dates well in advance for you. Please ask for advice before booking

Do you really pay a second test fee for me if I am unsuccessful with my first test? - Absolutely Yes *

Where will you collect me for my intensive driving course? - We will usually collect you from home

(* does not apply to extended tests or 10 hour refresher)